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The Racial Draft

Originally posted 8/6/07, scroll to the bottom for update in light of current events. Note: The title of this essay is borrowed from a Dave Chappelle sketch imagining the possibility of changing racial allegiances....


I’m Not There

Reposted from 2007 I knew even before the house lights went down that I needed to approach this film in the right frame of mind. I knew not to expect a rational or linear...


Don’t Fall For the Okey-Doke

Cartoonist Scott Adams originated, and briefly wrote one of the best comic strips in the United States, Dilbert.  Today, twenty-five years later, he continues to write it, but it’s far from one of the...


Chaos Monkey

Recently I attended a talk by a IT industry guru where he discussed Netflix’ trouble-making semi-autonomous software program, Chaos Monkey.  Basically, this is a program they unleash on their production servers that randomly shuts...

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Norman Rockwell

History of Humanism

As a Christian Humanist, a categorization far too many people see as a contradiction in terms, I find the identification of the term “humanism” with modern secular humanism far too confining.  If we take...

sistine chapel

Philosophical Conceptions of God

NOTE: This post is based on my own similar post on Stack Exchange. Philosophy is often associated with atheism, reflecting the fact that many of the most famous recent philosophers have been vocal atheists....