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The Racial Draft

Originally posted 8/6/07, scroll to the bottom for update in light of current events. Note: The title of this essay is borrowed from a Dave Chappelle sketch imagining the possibility of changing racial allegiances....


I’m Not There

Reposted from 2007 I knew even before the house lights went down that I needed to approach this film in the right frame of mind. I knew not to expect a rational or linear...


Don’t Fall For the Okey-Doke

Cartoonist Scott Adams originated, and briefly wrote one of the best comic strips in the United States, Dilbert.  Today, twenty-five years later, he continues to write it, but it’s far from one of the...


Chaos Monkey

Recently I attended a talk by a IT industry guru where he discussed Netflix’ trouble-making semi-autonomous software program, Chaos Monkey.  Basically, this is a program they unleash on their production servers that randomly shuts...

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Norman Rockwell

History of Humanism

As a Christian Humanist, a categorization far too many people see as a contradiction in terms, I find the identification of the term “humanism” with modern secular humanism far too confining.  If we take...