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Norman Rockwell

History of Humanism

As a Christian Humanist, a categorization far too many people see as a contradiction in terms, I find the identification of the term “humanism” with modern secular humanism far too confining.  If we take...

sistine chapel

Philosophical Conceptions of God

NOTE: This post is based on my own similar post on Stack Exchange. Philosophy is often associated with atheism, reflecting the fact that many of the most famous recent philosophers have been vocal atheists....

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Gallery of Echoes

Shadowbox Live is a musical theater cabaret in Columbus that is best known for its seasonal shows combining original sketch comedy with live performances of well-known music, chiefly in the rock genre. A longtime...



The late, great Octavia Butler was best-known as a rare black female superstar in a genre –science-fiction –largely dominated by white men. One of her most famous and influential books, however, was not science-fiction...