April Sunami, artist extraordinaire

As many of you know, my wife is Columbus artist April Sunami. Twelve years ago (when I first shared with her that memorable last name!) she wasn’t nearly so well known. It’s been a pleasure and an education to me to have a front row seat to watch her steadily gain recognition as she’s labored ceaselessly and tirelessly in pursuit of her avocation. I only wish I had her focus and drive.

This past weekend, another milestone was achieved, when she was featured on the front page of the Life and Arts section of the Sunday Columbus Dispatch. In the stellar article –well, let’s just come out and say it –the Dispatch essentially named her as an heir to the legendary Aminah Robinson and Kojo Kamau, two of the brightest lights ever to illuminate Columbus’s art scene, and the world’s. She was also placed in the company of two of the great living elders of Columbus art, Omar Shaheed, and Richard Duarte Brown (as well as one of its other bright new lights, Bryan Moss). She even got a shout-out from Nannette Maciejunes, the woman who put the Columbus Art Museum on the map, one of the nicest people I know, and more to the point, a woman with a killer eye for good art.


April isn’t fond of blowing her own horn –but that’s what spouses are for 🙂 Congratulations April, and here’s to the many milestones left to come!

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  1. April Sunami is a leader in the contemporary scene happening in Ohio. Her imaginative works, employing mixed media in unique ways, are highly sought by collectors. Watch this young artist closely as she continues along her career. April created one of the most memorable pieces for the Art 360 Contemporary Art Hatching Across Ohio exhibit

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