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The late, great Octavia Butler was best-known as a rare black female superstar in a genre –science-fiction –largely dominated by white men. One of her most famous and influential books, however, was not science-fiction...

Democracy Loves Tyranny

More than one recent commentator has noted presidential candidate Donald Trump’s similarities, both stylistic and substantive, to dictators of the past and present. It’s no surprise when Russia embraces a old-school strongman like Putin,...

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8 Bit Trump

Checking in with our pals at Wisecrack’s 8 Bit Philosophy brings us this gem of a video, critiquing Donald Trump through the lens of French critical theory and Greek philosophy, as presented through the...

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Now Be Thankful

For Thanksgiving this year, a beautiful song by Fairport Convention (below), and a meditation on the meaning of Thanksgiving by Jason Chu (above).