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Christopher Sunami, the “Pop Culture Philosopher,” lives in Columbus, Ohio.  A pioneer of the internet, he works professionally as a programmer.  He is the author of “Three Ways of Being Human”, “Hero For Christ” (a progressive Christian devotional) and the critically acclaimed picture book “How the Fisherman Tricked the Genie.”  For the last ten years he has worked with the innovative arts outreach ministries of the groundbreaking Christian social services organization, Community Development For All People, bringing free vocal and instrumental lessons to a diverse group of inner city youth and adults.  Since 2012 he has been the director of the Columbus Invitational Arts Competition, which recognizes organizations that combine artistic excellence with exceptional community commitment.  His influential online essays have been read worldwide, appeared on college syllabi, been reprinted in magazines, cited in academic books and articles, on Wikipedia and TV Tropes, and inspired a screenplay and a master’s thesis.  An in-demand public speaker, he has delivered keynote addresses at the nation’s oldest celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation, in Gallipolis, and at the University of New Orleans, among other locations.  He was Columbus Underground‘s “Top Poster of 2012,” is one of the top experts on the Philosophy Stack Exchange, and is a featured guest blogger on “Partially Examined Life” and “By Their Strange Fruit.” He is the grandson of pioneering modernist photographer Soichi Sunami, and a descendent of black Revolutionary War hero Bazabeel Norman. He is married to artist April Sunami, and is the proud parent of two talented and troublemaking children.

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  1. Dear Christopher Sunami

    I am currently writing my master’s thesis as a student of Applied Cultural Analysis at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I would like to ask for an interview with you or a person who have been in the process of considering the communication of your platform’s identity and purpose – as these topics would be the point of departure for the interview. The interview will be about 20mins and will be conducted January 2018 via Skype.

    I am investigating media platforms that communicate within the fields of anthropology, ethnography and philosophy and more broadly on the notion of culture. My overall purpose is to analyse the role of these fields within the public sphere.

    I am interested in making this inquiry beneficial for both parties. Therefore, should my thesis (or a summary of it) act as a “red team”-strategic document that challenges your platform’s communicative practises, thus will you have the opportunity to include this new critical perspective in further strategic development of the platform.

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Best regards

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