Is Lucifer interpreted as pining for the God he once loved and has been cast down by” sorry more of a theological question here (agnostic’s novel research)

Thanks for your question. One important thing to remember here is that with a few brief exceptions, the devil is barely mentioned in the Bible itself –and in fact, the one mention of “Lucifer” by name may not even refer to the devil at all. So from that point of view, there isn’t really an “official” answer to your question. The majority of the lore about Lucifer in the Western tradition comes from Dante’s Inferno and Milton’s Paradise Lost, so if you want to be in tune with the general opinion, those would be the sources to check. Generally the understanding is that Lucifer was the best and brightest of the angels, until he tried to arrogate God’s place as ruler of the universe.

None of this answers your question, but given Lucifer’s extra-canonical nature, I think you’d be perfectly justified in exploring your own interpretation. You might also find it interesting to note that in the Islamic tradition, the devil is considered a “loyal” but misguided servant of God, whose chief crime is his jealousy and hostility towards mankind, and whose destiny is to be reconciled to God at the end of time.

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