Feeling Encouraged

Encouragement Day was today, and a small but mighty group gathered at noon in front of the Ohio GOP. With us were John, Mari, Chris, April, River and Ella Sunami, Liz, Lauryn, Willa, Freedom and Sincere Rose-Cohen, Tori Chu, Patty Yoder, Reverend John Edgar, Katelin Hansen, Evan Davis, Jim Arter and Alice Liu.

The day went very well. We were received and listened to by Katie Eagan at the Ohio GOP office, Sarah Ries at the Franklin County GOP, Jason Knox of Senator Portman’s Office, and Dave Ward of Governor Kasich’s office. We asked them to ask the officials they represented to endorse the following:

Ohio Republicans showed courage and independence prior to the election by speaking out against divisive rhetoric, racism, sexism, and religious intolerance. Thank you for your leadership during this important moment in our country’s history.
We are asking you to speak out again, before it is too late.
Several of the incoming president’s advisors have proven themselves willing to profit and draw political gain from aiding and abetting those who preach hatred. We are gravely concerned that such people comprise the inner circle of an inexperienced government leader.
We, therefore, are asking you to endorse the following statements:

  1. I affirm that America is a country of immigrants, as demonstrated by one of our country’s most valued and beloved symbols, the Statue of Liberty.
  2. I will continue to speak out when I witness injustice, racism, sexism, religious intolerance, and xenophobia.
  3. I will continue to speak out when I observe unethical behavior that violates our core American values.
  4. I believe there is no place in the leadership of Ohio, the GOP, or the United States of America for those who draw profit or political gain from aiding or abetting the forces of racial or religious hatred.
  5. I strongly urge President-elect Trump, in the interests of national unity, to immediately remove divisive figures, such as Steve Bannon, from his circle of close advisors and strategists.

We hereby decree Wednesday, December 21, 2016, to be Encouragement Day to show Ohio leadership that the people of Ohio support you whenever you place human dignity and American values at the forefront of your decisions.

We ended the day with this speech on the statehouse steps:

I will post updates in future weeks.

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