whats wrong with you when you hate everyone?

Hating everyone generally means you are not happy with some aspect of yourself, and/or there is something negative in your life or world that you feel powerless to change. This is a common feeling among teenagers (as shown in the book The Catcher in the Rye), but it can also affect people of other ages, particularly during times of transition. It is often accompanied or replaced by a sense of being unreal, or that everything around you is fake. From an existential point of view there are two main ways to attack this problem:

  1. You can try to figure out what it is in your own life or self-image that is bothering you and either come to terms with it or figure out a way to change it. Remember, it is not possible to change everyone else, but it is always possible to change yourself.
  2. You can pick one or more people and try to behave in a loving way towards them, even if you hate them. Emotions often follow actions, so if you behave as if you like someone for long enough, it may become true.

Travel to new and different places or taking up new activities can also be helpful in this situation. It doesn’t solve anything, but it can help you identify what problems you are carrying with you as opposed to what problems are caused by the people around you.

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