More Reconstructivists

Over the years my reconstructivist art theory has proven inspirational to a number of interesting artists, thinkers and academics.  Here are a couple of the coolest ones I’ve come across recently:

Above, painter Peter SmeethPeter Smeeth‘s award-winning Reconstructivist portrait of Australian comedienne and author Jean Kittson.


by Vincent Lin
Using examples from a series of works from local Chinese ink artist, Lim Choon Jin, a  preliminary exploration and discussion into classical structuralism, post-structuralism, binary opposition, and semiotics will be made. Furthering this discussion, a definition of  Reconstructivism and the application of the Reconstructivism framework will be made as the  primary focus of this exploration. Through the analysis of a series of his works, this essay offers an insight into how Reconstructivism can exist as a framework for new directions in Chinese ink art, and as a means to provide an alternative avenue for creative breakthroughs and research into Chinese ink art hybridity and creativity.


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