Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?

This version of my website includes a number of selections from the many past versions of the site, but it also leaves a lot out. If you are searching for something that you cannot find, please contact me directly.

2 thoughts on “Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?

  1. Chris!

    Hey it’s Rich (Richard Collins) from the philosophy meetups. It’s been a while, but if you saw me, I’m sure you’d remember. Anyhwhay,
    I was browsing your website a while back (late april or may last year), and found some poetry of yours that I really liked. I want to know if I could have your permission to recite one at a Slam up here in Potsdam, NY. Also, since the site change, I don’t think I can get to it anymore. It was quite terse and spicy and had an underlying repetition of a single line that seemed to build up to the end. I can’t remember the words anymore, but maybe I could look through the old pages and find it again?


    Maybe see you around if/when I’m back in the C-Bus,


  2. Found it! – “Waking Life”

    also can you give me any background details as to your emphasis or influences when writing this? Anything at all so I can better understand it from your point of view and not just my own?

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