Targeting Bannon

Update, 11/23/16Anti-Bannon Postcard Avalanche, details here.

Update, 11/21/16

As of this date, nearly every Democrat in Congress has spoken out against Bannon. The next step is getting some support from the other side of the aisle. Once one person takes a stand, others will follow. (For more on who Bannon is, and why getting rid of him needs to be every good American’s top priority, please read here and here.)

Resources Against Steve Bannon


For Republican Senators and Representatives:

Hello, my name is _____. I am a constituent [only if calling your own Congresspersons].

If you don’t want the GOP, the party of Lincoln, hijacked by white supremacists, then this is your chance to tell Donald Trump, your party’s standard-bearer, that for the good of the nation, and in the interests of national unity, he must immediately remove Steve Bannon from his team. Bannon has shown a consistent willingness to profit and advance through fostering those who stoke racial and nationalist hatred. He, and those emboldened by his patronage, have not hesitated to attack Republicans and conservatives who do not support their hate-filled agenda. Even Paul Ryan has been personally attacked by Bannon. If you don’t take this opportunity to take care of Bannon now, you will assuredly have to deal with him later.

More than 150 members of Congress have already denounced Bannon. Please join them, and speak out today.

Paul Ryan: (202) 225-3031 x6
Governor Pence: (317) 232-4567
Mitch McConnell: (202) 224-2541

Columbus/Ohio Local:
Governor Kasich: (614) 466-3555
Senator Rob Portman: 1-800-205-6446
Representative Pat Tiberi: (614) 523-2555