The End of Racism and Sexism

Retrieved from Googlepedia May 5th, 2042

When Donald J. Trump was elected, 26 years ago, even his most ardent supporters didn’t anticipate the dawn of a new, post-racist, post-sexist society. After all, in electing him, the American voters had bid farewell to a president who had every qualification except skin color, and passed over a candidate who had every qualification except gender, in favor of a candidate who had no qualification except both.

And yet, by selecting Trump over what was certainly hundreds, probably thousands, and quite possibly millions of other white men who were better suited for the job by intelligence, morality or temperament, the American public had actually engaged in the most audacious social scientific experiment of all time. It was an unprecedented opportunity to answer a question that had burned across the ages: Is color and gender alone, absent all other valuable traits, enough to secure success? 

Of course, as we all now know, the answer was no. The Trump presidency was an immediate and epic disaster on a scale seldom glimpsed before or since.

And no one ever believed the myth that any person could be superior simply on the basis of race or gender ever again.

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