HI THERE..when we say time doesnt have any meaning in the life after death so we are living here and there now!how can it be possible?what happened to our soul in that case?and whataya think about the events we see from future?there are some connection between our soul in here and other life?

I can’t give any definitive answer to this question, but I can offer you a portrait of a situation that might be analogous. Picture yourself as a character in a book. Time only has meaning for you, the character, during the narrative of the story, which represents your life on earth. However, outside of the book you, the character also exist in the mind of the author. You were in the mind or the author before the book was written, while it was being written, and after it was finished. And although you experience your life as a series of chronological events, that perspective is only valid from within the story –from outside of the story, your life exists as a timeless whole, although it can only be experienced chronologically.

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