Wokepedia: Mozart in the Jungle, Missy Mazzoli

Second in my “Wokepedia” series of case studies of consciousness-raising Wikipedia edits.

Mozart in the Jungle

This Netflix show about a hard-living group of classical musicians is a current favorite of mine, and stars Latino actor Gael Garcia Bernal (I’ve been a big fan ever since Y Tu Mama Tambien) in the key role of conductor Rodrigo.  The show has come under criticism for its whitewashed orchestra, but it has been very progressive in one key way:   It consistently promotes of the work of women conductors and composers, particularly in its later seasons.  Until recently, you wouldn’t have known that from Wikipedia.  I added a section on the topic to redress that oversight. OUTCOME:  Too soon to tell.  As with last week’s This is Us edit it’s a bigger change, but it makes the article more informative.

Mozart: Missy Mazzoli

When I heard a beautiful song presented as by one of the show’s characters, I wondered who really wrote it.  It took some digging, but I finally discovered it was Missy Mazzoli, a noted female contemporary composer. Although the show has featured several women composers in its plotlines, she hasn’t yet been one of them. I added the credit for the song, “Impromptu” to her Wikipedia page, and a cross link from the Mozart page back. OUTCOME: Should be stable, it’s well-cited.


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