Wokepedia: Women Philosophers

Third in my Wokepedia series on consciousness-raising Wikipedia edits.

Women Philosophers: There’s so much common wisdom, and so many authoritative sources that claim there are few to no women philosophers, so it was great to come across such an expansive list on Wikipedia. But that opening paragraph needed a little work. It started out like this:

While the vast majority of major philosophers have been male, there are a number of influential female philosophers. Women have engaged in philosophy throughout the field’s history. While there were women philosophers since the earliest times, and some were accepted as philosophers during their lives, almost no women philosophers have entered the philosophical Western canon

I’m sure whoever drafted that meant well, but it’s a negative, male-oriented lens on the topic. I changed it to this:

Although often overlooked in mainstream historiography, women have engaged in philosophy throughout the field’s history

OUTCOME: Still there –it’s very neutral and plainly stated.


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