Dear Dems, Impeach Trump Today (and again tomorrow if necessary)

It’s no accident that the rhetoric around Trump has shifted from “he’ll be impeached the moment the Democrats take the House” to “oh, it would be a mistake to impeach him, we don’t have the votes in the Senate.”

No.  Impeaching the president isn’t a matter of political expediency.  It is a moral imperative for the United States of America.  We need to establish that there is a baseline minimum of character, competency, loyalty and service for the office of President of the United States, and that the current occupant of that office has failed to reach it.

There are many Democrats, both in Congress and outside of it, who are quietly in favor of Trump remaining in office, because he is a powerful engine for donations and votes.  But neither any dollar nor vote will come from me if they can’t rise to this moral test.  We don’t need to wait for Mueller, we already have adequate proof this man is demonstrably unfit from office.  And if the Senate doesn’t convict, impeach him again.

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