District 12 Votes This Week

AUGUST 7th 2018

By this time next week, the last special election for US Congress before Election Day will be all over… except the tears.  But who will be crying is yet to be written.  With Democrat Danny O’Connor’s grassroots effort pulling him to within one polling point in a solidly Republican, gerrymandered district, an increasingly rattled GOP has sent in first Pence, and next Trump himself.  With a low turnout expected, EVERY SINGLE VOTE WILL COUNT.

This highly symbolic election, pitting proud Trump acolyte Troy Balderson against committed moderate O’Connor has the potential to alter political calculations across the nation.  If Balderson wins, it’s a victory for Trump and everything he represents.  But if O’Connor wins, then truly no GOP seat is safe in November… and the Republican party may finally make the decision to cut its losses by holding Trump accountable.

In the next few days, the O’Connor campaign –and our country –needs you more than ever. Don’t sit on your hands.  If you’re in the District, get out and vote.  If not, you can still canvas!  If my 8 year old daughter and I could doorknock over 100 doors for O’Connor (and we did!) you can do the same. 🙂

IF YOU ARE IN CENTRAL OHIO and want to canvas for the O’Connor campaign:

Thanks to you, every registered Democrat in Ohio District 12 was sent a reminder postcard.  But don’t stop now!  There are elections all over the country, and you can help out from anywhere.

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