In Memory of William Goldman

William Goldman passed away this past week.  Like most other late Gen Xers (or early Millennials) I first encountered him through my unabated love affair with his book and movie The Princess Bride, which was the biggest influence on the initial development of my most well-known theory, Reconstructivist Art.  Although it grew increasingly unlikely as he got older and older, I always nursed a secret hope our paths would cross someday.  Yet while that never happened, I did get to know him more intimately (or at least so it seemed to me) through reading any number of his gossipy, wise and helpful behind-the-scenes autobiographies/writers’ manuals that unlocked the secrets of Hollywood intrigue and great screenwriting alike.

As generous as he was with his advice and insights, however, it was never as easy to write world-charming books and movies as he made it seem.  Alas.  Rest in peace, Mr. Goldman.

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