My Dream Episode of SNL

I’ve been watching SNL for over 25 years now, and with all due respect to the common wisdom that your favorite SNL cast is your first cast, it’s as funny now as it’s ever been. I’m especially a fan of the newly diverse(ish) cast (they still need some Asian comedians).

But what if I could put together my all-time dream show? I’m glad you asked! These are the people I personally enjoyed most, while they were on the show (post-show career does NOT count). And this is MY dream show –you’re welcome to argue with me, or make up your own. Just post it in the comments.

NOTE: Although I was born right around the time SNL started airing, I didn’t start watching until my early teens, so that first ten years or so might be under-represented.

Main Cast:

John Belushi
Eddie Murphy
Kate McKinnon
Gilda Radner
Dana Carvey
Leslie Jones
Jason Sudekis
John Lovitz
Cheri Oteri

Martin Short
Chris Kattan
Bill Hader
Mikey Day
Mike Meyers
Bobby Moynihan
Victoria Jackson

Weekend Update
Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey

appearances by
Rosanna Rosannadanna (Gilda Radner), Stephan (Bill Hader) and Jedidiah Atkinson (Taran Killum)

Digital Short
Andy Samberg & the Lonely Island

Robert Smigel

Deep Thoughts by
Jack Handey

Head Writer:
Seth Meyers

Justin Timberlake and John Goodman

Steve Martin, John Lithgow, Alec Baldwin, Darryl Hammond & Christopher Walken

Musical Guest:

Favorite Sketches:
Master Thespian
Church Lady
Better Than Cats
The Continental
Let’s Talk Books
The Delicious Dish
The How-You-Say-Ah-Yes Show
2 A-holes
Space Olympics
Catchphrase Comics
Scared Straight
Merry Krunkmas
Ancient Reporter
Alien Abduction
David S Pumpkins

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