Plexr 2

I just published an all-new version of my first and only video game, Plexr, designed for people who like giving their brain a good mental workout.

Play Plexr 2

 A complex logic puzzle involving the construction of a series of arcane objects, it was originally inspired by my fuzzy memories of playing a text-based game on the Major BBS system back in the pre-internet days at the end of the 1980’s.  Although it took me years to track it down, the original game turned out to be Fazuul, by the legendary computer gaming pioneer Tim Stryker, who also created the original text-based game Kyrandia as well as the Major BBS system itself.  (Major BBS was an early online messaging system which allowed people to connect computer-to-computer via modem, prior to the popularization of the World Wide Web).  Sadly, it seems that Stryker committed suicide in 1996.

Fazuul follows a player stranded on a strange planet, through a quest to escape, largely with the help of a variety of strange objects which can be assembled into a series of increasingly baroque contraptions.  Plexr drops the narrative in favor of what, to me, was the heart of the game, the construction and utilization of the objects.

Check it out, and if you like it, please leave me a good rating!  Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy 😉

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