Plexr Escape Walkthrough

This post is the second one about my original logic-based “escape” game, Plexr. It’s very difficult to solve, so I’m including this following walkthrough. Don’t read it unless you’ve already done your best to solve it on your own!

Play Plexr

General Hints:
The game is played entirely through either combining objects, or by using one object to transform another. There is an energy square at the top center. Some objects must be on the energy square to operate at all, other operate differently if on the square or off of it. The objects have consistent behaviors, and important clues are provided by the text at the top of the screen.

Objects come in seven colors. Gray objects are the workhorses of the system, they are the first ones to be created. Red objects are dangerous. Most of them are not needed to win the game, but can be useful if you run out of room. Blue objects are useful. Orange objects represent the first real breakthrough, and have a lot of functionality. Green and Purple objects are mainly not that functional, but have a couple of vital uses –green is especially hard to create. Gold is the most valuable and rare type of object, and means you are near the end of the game.

Kinds: Objects come in five kinds. Globs are inert little blobs that are only used to combine with other objects (except the red glob which blows things up). Globules are a slightly bigger, more complex version of the same. Roods are the first functional object. Most of these open up aspects of the game’s configuration when triggered on an energy square. A few also have different functions when not on an energy square.

The huxors must be on the energy square to operate, and must have a target, which is the square to the left of the energy square. Some huxors create a new object on the square to the right of the energy square, which must be empty. Twees are rare objects that have higher order functions. They must be on the energy square to operate, and must have two targets, which must be in the squares on the right and on the left.

Eggs are the most rare object, they can only be created in one way. They are mainly non-functional but hold important secrets.

At minimum, to win the game, you must create the following:

gray glob (move the gray rood to a non-energy square and click it)
gray globule (gray glob + gray glob)
red globule (gray globule + gray glob)
blue globule (gray globule + gray globule)
purple globule (red globule + blue globule)
blue rood (purple globule + blue globule)
blue huxor (move blue rood to non-energy square and click it)
orange rood (operate energized blue huxor on blue rood)
orange huxor (operate unenergized orange rood)
orange glob + red glob (operate energized orange huxor on orange rood)
orange globule (orange glob + orange glob)
blue glob (operate energized blue huxor on red glob)
green rood (orange globule + blue glob)
purple huxor (orange huxor + green rood)
purple rood (operate energized purple huxor on any object)
blue twee (orange huxor + purple rood)
red twee (operate energized blue huxor on blue twee)
orange twee (operate energized blue huxor on red twee)
gold glob (operate energized orange huxor on orange twee)
gold globule (gold glob + gold glob)
gold rood (gold globule + gold globule)
gold huxor (operate energized blue huxor on gold rood)
gold egg (operate energized gold huxor on gold huxor)
gold key (click gold egg)

AFTER winning, click purple rood to submit your score.

In addition to straight victory, there are 16 hidden objectives, including winning, and submitting scores that are extra high or extra low.

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